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I'm Marvin Pranajaya.

I'm a dedicated 3rd-year Computer Engineering student at NUS with an insatiable passion for robotics, firmware, and embedded systems. I thrive on challenges and constantly seek out exciting projects to dive into. Whether it's designing intricate circuits, writing efficient code, or crafting innovative solutions, I'm driven by a relentless curiosity to explore the world of technology. My journey through the fascinating realms of computer engineering has only just begun, and I'm eager to share my experiences and creations with you through this portfolio.Feel free to browse through my work and get in touch if you have any questions or would like to collaborate.




Work Experience




My educational journey has been a cross-cultural adventure that began in my hometown in Indonesia, where I spent my primary school years and the first two years of secondary school. This early foundation laid the groundwork for my subsequent academic endeavors.


Following my passion for learning, I was awarded a scholarship to continue my education in Singapore, where I completed my secondary school and Junior College. 

2021 - 2025

National University of Singapore

B. Eng. Computer Engineering (Hons)

As an NUS student, I'm poised to graduate with first-class honors, supported by the NUS ASEAN Undergraduate Merit Scholarship. I've consistently achieved academic excellence, earning a place on the Dean's List in June 2023. Additionally, I'm an active member of the IEEE-HKN Lambda Omega Chapter, demonstrating my commitment to engineering and technology advancement.

2019 - 2020

Eunoia Junior College

GCE A-Levels

In my tertiary education, I enrolled in the Science stream and H3 Mathematics. I had the privilege of serving as the Class Chairperson and was consistently recognized for my academic achievements by being named to the Dean's List in both 2019 and 2020. Moreover, I was a recipient of a School-based Scholarship. At the culmination of my A-Levels, I achieved exceptional results, securing 4 Distinctions with an impressive 87 Rank points, and a Merit in H3 Mathematics.

2017 - 2018

Anglo Chinese School (Independent)

GCE O-Levels

In my secondary school journey, I was enrolled in the Hybrid stream, which provided a well-rounded education. I also took on the role of Troop Leader for the ACS(I) Scouts Troop, showcasing my leadership abilities and commitment. Additionally, I was honored to be a recipient of a School-based Scholarship. My O-Levels results were outstanding, as I achieved 8 distinctions.

My Work Experience

My work experiences have complemented my education at NUS by providing practical, hands-on insights into the sector of embedded systems. They have allowed me to bridge the gap between theory and application, enabling me to apply the knowledge and skills I've gained in the classroom to real-world scenarios

August 2023 - January 2024

Continental Automotive Pte Ltd


Embedded Firmware Developer Intern

I collaborated globally, following Agile methods, to develop and maintain firmware for advanced automotive products. My work included coding in C, assembly, and Python. I also designed and tested a hardware-triggered error logging feature, aligning with AUTOSAR and EB Tresos, enhancing system robustness. These experiences have deepened my knowledge of embedded systems in the automotive sector.

May 2023 - July 2023

Vector InfoTech Pte Ltd


Internet of Things Developer Intern

I worked on developing IoT systems for real-time asset tracking in factories and on the road, conducting market research to provide the best solutions for clients. I created a prototype using ThingsBoards Dashboard and an edge node. Additionally, I contributed to a power and energy monitoring system with the goal of achieving zero emissions in industrial estates and shop houses.

Aug 2022 - Nov 2022

National University of Singapore


Teaching Assistant (CS1010)

I mentored and instructed undergraduate students in the CS1010 Programming Methodology class, emphasizing the practical application of C programming to tackle complex challenges. Under the guidance of Associate Professor Ooi Wei Tsang, we taught basic to intermediate programming concepts, to give students a solid foundation in C and equip them with problem-solving skills that transcend programming languages.

May 2022 - July 2022

Blugraph Technologies


Embedded Engineer Intern

I developed a robust compliance mechanism for signal processing, improving the detection of heart and respiration rates from a sensor with four parallel data channels. I conducted thorough stress testing and optimized the code in Raspberry Pi 4. Additionally, I managed the deployment and testing of Raspberry Pi and edge IoT devices on Amazon Web Services platforms like IoT Core and S3.

January 2021 - February 2021

Wilmar Consultancy Services


Business Process Analyst Intern

I played a pivotal role in two significant projects: the deployment of an integrated weighbridge station in Wilmar Indonesia's Palm Oil Mills, which boosted productivity and reduced costs, and the first live deployment of a warehouse management system. In the latter, I actively collaborated with the quality assurance team, resulting in streamlined and digitized inventory management, reduced errors, and significant time savings.


My Projects

In the "My Projects" section, you'll find a collection of projects I've worked on. These projects encompass both my academic pursuits and my contributions to interest groups and university teams, providing a comprehensive view of my experiences and achievements at NUS.

2022 - Present

Technical Advisor

Our team secured the top positions in the RoboSub 2022 and 2023 competitions, and achieved the 2nd place in the RobotX 2022 Maritime Challenge. 

In my roles as Electrical Lead for RoboSub2023, I oversaw the project and served as the system integrator for the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle's (AUV) electrical subsystem. I collaborated closely with other teams to ensure a well-structured and meticulously planned timeline leading up to the competition.

My expertise extends to the design, development, and integration of in-house electrical systems for various autonomous vehicles, including AUVs, ASVs, and UAVs. I specialize in firmware and PCB design, working with chips like STM32 and ATMega to facilitate communication with a range of sensors and devices using different protocols.

In specific projects, I co-developed custom motor controllers and power monitoring boards for AUVs, designed main power distribution systems for ASVs with load balancing, and created compact power distribution boards with power isolation for UAVs. These experiences have honed my technical skills and contributed to my success in the world of robotics competitions.

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Embedded RC Car (RTOS)

NUS Module - CG2271

Project Member

In our final project for the Real-Time Operating Systems module, our team created a remote-controlled car powered by a microcontroller running an RTOS. Leveraging the Keil RTX API, our code is able to control the DC motors, manage an array of LEDs with various blinking patterns, handle a buzzer for musical outputs, and efficiently receive wireless commands from a phone via a UART line connected to an ESP module. This project showcased our ability to apply RTOS principles to build a functional and responsive remote-controlled car, integrating a range of features to enhance its capabilities.


Search and Rescue Robot

NUS Module - CG2111A

Project Member

We developed a wireless-controlled robot designed to navigate a maze while identifying crucial landmarks using only ultrasonic and LiDAR sensors. In this project, I primarily focused on the electrical architecture and played a role in integrating ROS. We successfully completed the assessment within the allotted time, minimizing penalties and demonstrating effective collaboration in building a sophisticated robotic system.

2021 - 2022

Hornet Programme

Team Lead, Electrical Member

It is a year long student project to build an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle from the ground up. My responsibilities included integrating Blue Robotics T200 Thrusters with our custom-built PCB control systems, facilitating communication through the CAN Bus with instructions from the Single Board Computer.

In addition to my primary role, I contributed to system integration efforts with various teams, such as Sensors, Acoustics, and Power Distribution boards. I also collaborated with the Mechanical and Software sub-teams to find innovative solutions to design constraints, ensuring the successful development of the AUV. This project was a valuable learning experience that deepened my understanding of underwater vehicle technology and its challenges.


Autonomous Maze Solver Robot

NUS Module - CG1111A

Project member

With the mbot robot as a base, we developed an autonomous robot  capable of navigating a maze while making turns based on the color of the maze tiles. The project involves creating a custom color and IR-distance sensors using LDR and RGB LEDs, as well as transmitter and emitter component. The main challenge is to ensure the robot moves in a straight line, for which we used PID to provide a precise closed loop feedback control. 

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